For current and former members of the British cadet force who seek an enriching experience in the security training and close protection industry.

Spend 3 weeks in Malaysia

Take part in Firearms and Defensive Tactics exercises

Take part in Major Incident Drills

Train Police Officers and Security Professionals

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Atlas Solutions is a security training agency which offers physical intervention, conflict management, defensive tactics and close protection courses to police officers, independent security professionals and businesses seeking total security for their property and people.
In mid to late 2016, we will be engaging in a number of exciting training contracts which include:-
  • Tactical Response Programme
  • Close Protection
  • Major Incident Preparedness
  • Maritime Firearms Competency
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Physical Intervention
  • Conflict Management
We are looking for interest from candidates who are familiar with the EDIP (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice) Instructional Technique hoping to apply their skills in assisting us deliver our courses to police officers, security officers, tactical response units, and civilian security professionals.
  1. Assistant Instructor

    Help us deliver our syllabus to police officers, security personnel and response teams.

  2. Firearms Training

    Participate in firearms drills including moving and shooting, stationary firing and weapon maintenance.

  3. Major Incident Simulations

    Take part as a casualty, a belligerent or a response team member in simulations we run with schools and shopping complexes



Where am I going?
This internship will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia.
How long for?
The internship will last between 4 - 6 weeks depending on the scale and size of our contracts. We will keep you informed for up to 2 months before the start of your internship to minimise the hassle involved.
How much will I be paid?
You will be paid an allowance of MYR75 a day for a 5-day working week.
This is commensurate with living expenses in Kuala Lumpur. 
The allowance is paid weekly, either via bank transfer or cash.
What are my working hours?
Our working hours 7.5 hours a day with an hours' break for lunch. 
Who is bearing my flight and accommodation costs?
Atlas will bear the accommodation costs. We ask that the interns bear the flight costs.
Exceptional circumstances for candidates may be considered in terms of economic and social backgrounds. 
Who are you looking for?
Ideally, you will be a senior cadet NCO (Cpl above) over the age of 16 with the following:-
  • Senior Cadet Instruction Cadre (SCIC) - Candidates with JCIC will be considered in light of other leadership responsibilities.
  • 3-Star Army Proficiency Certificate or equivalent
  • St John First Aid Qualification (Heart Start)
  • At least 5 A* - C grade in GCSE.
Skills and Experience
  • Experience leading a section of cadets in fieldcraft
  • Instructional experience delivering the APC using EDIP with CFIT both in the field and in a classroom setting
  • Experience handling a firearm
  • Experience in Operations in Built Up Areas (OBUA)
  • Able to conduct Risk Assessments to a UK standard
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office skills
  • Ability to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • A good sense of humour



Days 1 to 3
Your first two-days will be spent going through an induction process designed to bring you up to speed with our values, culture and ethos. 
Day 1 will see you settled into your accommodation and an opportunity for personal admin after arrival and pickup from the airport.
You will then be introduced to our team of instructors for our current contract, and be released for the day, depending on your arrival time.
Day 2  is an intensive training programme designed to very quickly bring you up to speed with our methodology (EDIP), as well as our course content and our ethos.
On the conclusion of your induction, you will likely be asked to create a training schedule for delivery to our instructors, which may consist of:-
  • EDIP instructional techniques
  • Operations in Built-Up Areas
  • Fieldcraft (movement)
  • Radio communications
You will then deliver this programme to our assistant instructors with support from our Senior Instructors.
On the conclusion of your induction, you will likely be inserted into an instructional team which will deliver our Tactical Response Programme syllabus for the remainder of the week to observe and learn the syllabus in preparation for week two. Or, you could be deployed in our Operations team where you will hone your skills as an operations officer. 
The remainder of the internship will consist of either insertion into the instructional team to continue delivering the Tactical Response Programme, or, if available, participating in major incident drills, firearms training and role-playing - please note that this schedule is highly dependent on client requirements and company resources. It may change with or without notice.

Wow, sign me up! How do I get started?

Fill in our contact form to get started - ask any questions you like and we'll respond usually within a day or so. We'll also ask for your CV as well as scanned copies of your cadet-related qualifications. 
Or just email us at