A combination of our best modules into relevant programmes which bring out the best in you and your staff

  1. Physical Intervention Training

    Ensuring that your security team is able to maintain control with minimal injuries and distress

  2. Tactical Response Programme

    Accelerate the skills development of your existing security officers to standards employed by UK Police and security 

  3. Close Protection Operations

    Internationally recognised. Delivered by UK Special Forces personnel. Work in Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle-East. 

Close Protection Operative

Tactical Response Programme

The Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance Level 3 Award in Close Protection Operations enables private citizens to seek employment as close protection officers a.k.a. bodyguards in regions which include the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the United Kingdom.

It is delivered by instructors from the British Armed Forces and is internationally recognised in the close protection circuit. 
This programme expands the existing skillset of security officers employed by schools, shopping complexes, residents associations and embassies by delivering robust training in conflict management, physical intervention and defensive tactics, supported by role-playing, use of force continuum and radio communications training.

It is an intensive 56-hour course conducted during the weekends for small numbers and is available during working days for companies seeking to send more than 10 candidates.
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