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Being in a different country can be lonely, and expats have to acclimatise to how things work in a culture and society which is markedly different from what they're used to. 

MYExpatAssist is born out of the simple idea that expats should be here to have a good time, free from worry and inconvenience. ​

With one phone call, we take your worries away whether you have a burst pipe on a Friday night, if you find yourself in a car accident, and even if you are worried about the welfare of your child on a night out. ​


  1. Medical Emergency and need a hospital?
    Our centre stores and maintains your medical records - we direct you to the nearest panel hospital covered by your insurance and call ahead to let them know you are coming.
  2. Lost your wallet?
    Our centre stores and maintains any personal information you wish to be used in the event it is required, subject to the PDPA 2010. Some examples include:- Scanned passport and visa Credit Card Hotline Driving License
  3. Crisis Management
    Car accident? Stopped at police roadblock and don't speak the local tongue? Call us and our bilingual first responders will assist you in navigating this path.
  4. Involved in a car accident?
    One call and we can guide you through the process, come and assist you in making a police report and arrange for the car to be towed. Say goodbye to being hassled by tow-truck operators who are out for a quick buck!
  5. Security Advisory Service
    Protest coming up? No issue - we provide critical updates on routes to take and places to avoid. Snatch theft on the rise? We also provide period updates on security issues surrounding the region.



    Our response teams assist your staff in navigating the Malaysian cultural intricacies during crisis situations


    Our teams ensure that your consulate is aware of your situation as well as provide on-site translation and procedural support at the police station


    Lost? Stuck in an area where you don't like the place or people? Our tactically trained team will discreetly escort you to the safety of your home or one of our pre-determined safehouses.

    Heading 3


    We provide a discreet and trusted emergency transportation service and assistance for your child in the event you or your driver are not available. 

    24 hours, 7 days a week.



    Mr H, an expat from an American company was arrested by immigrations officers after a false report was made against him by a business rival. He spent nearly nine days in custody within an immigration holding facility with poor amenities and limited access to food and water. 

    Mr H's business partner contacted us, and our team immediately made contact with the relevant government authorities to secure his release. 

    As a result of the team's work in negotiation with the government, Mr H was released within three days and continues to reside in Malaysia with an official apology from the government as well as a promise that he would suffer no repercussions as a result of his arrest. 


    Mr D's domestic helper passed away during the night in his high rise condominium located in an area of high net worth. 

    Despite the helper's embassy providing limited consular services to the deceased, our team assisted in coordinating the police, ambulance services and hospital staff in onsite language translation and negotiated with the Police to ensure an efficient funeral for the helper.

    We also assisted in the filing of the police report as well as representing Mr D in the accompanying police interview. 

    Heading 3


    Mr and Mrs S were worried about the whereabouts of their child, T on a weekend night. He had assured them that he was going to a friend's place, but a phone call to the friend's parents revealed that both of them were not present. 

    Mr and Mrs S then contacted us to establish the whereabouts of T. Through scouring social media as well as using T's phone recovery software, our team was able to establish T's location. 

    We sent a team to discreetly extract T and his friend from a well-known nightlife establishment in the city centre. Our team made contact with the establishment's staff members and located T and his friend as he made his way to the bar area. 

    Our team established contact between T and his parents, Mr and Mrs S, and delivered them back home to T's residence. 

    Ms R, a leading executive from an oil and gas company, was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident involving another local driver. 

    Almost immediately after the accident, tow truck operators arrived at the scene, and attempted to intimidate her and her driver to use their services for a large fee. 

    The local driver was also behaving in a threatening manner toward Ms R and her driver. 

    Our team immediately contacted senior ranking police officers who controlled the district and ensured that a police presence was despatched at short notice. 

    The situation was resolved within thirty minutes, without on-site support. Our team assisted in the process of filing the police report within the 48-hour window. 



BASIC plus


Advisable for single expats who do not need onsite support and who do not have a family
Our recommended package. 
Covers you and your spouse.
Add 50 sen a day for each child
For expats who require the full suite of our services.

RM36 pcm
(RM1.20 a day)

RM55 pcm
(RM1.83 a day)

RM150 pcm
(RM5 a day)

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Data management service
  • Security advisory service
  • Online crisis management service
  • Onsite response teams - (additional RM175 an hour)
  • Auto-assist - online only
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Data management service
  • Security advisory service
  • Online crisis management service
  • Onsite response teams - first 3 hours
  • Auto-Assist - onsite and online
  • Medical Emergency service
  • Child Recovery - chargeable
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Data management service
  • Security advisory service
  • Online crisis management service
  • Onsite response teams - full service
  • Auto-Assist - onsite and online
  • ​Medical Emergency service
  • Child Assistance - full service for 3 children
  • Tactical Extraction - full service
  • ​Onsite Police Liaison service
  • Out of country evacuation

Add your children

Additional RM15 pcm
per child

  • Child's passport details added to database
  • Emergency Transportation for Child
  • Child's medical details added to database
  • Child's emergency contact details added to database
  • Child recovery and extraction service
  • Response team service extended to children


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