Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Preparing your people for operations in volatile areas.


A Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is essential for individuals working overseas in hazardous or hostile areas.

In many countries, very real risks to the personal safety of staff members and individuals may also include organised crime, theft, assault and hostage taking. Thus, specific crime and security awareness skills and behaviour must form part of the knowledge which civilian are equipped with before departing to such regions.
There are both legal and moral obligations for the duty of care of staff working in these organisations as either employees or volunteers which could potentially save lives.

Our 3-day Hostile Environment First Aid Training contains a syllabus that incorporates hostile environment awareness training as well as delivering a UK Recognised First Aid at Work qualification. Students will not only learn how to survive critical situations and lower the risks of injuries, hostage taking, terrorist attacks, armed conflict and more, but will also gain the skills and knowledge in order to conduct life-saving techniques for any injuries suffered in these environments.

This course is designed for organisations such as the Aid Agencies, NGO’s, Media, Charities, and Companies wishing to operate in hostile and potentially volatile areas around the globe.

There are both legal and moral obligations for the duty of care of staff working in these organisations as either employees or volunteers for their safety and security. 


Day 1
1.1 Country Specific Security Brief
1.2 Cultural Awareness
1.3 Threat and Risk Mitigation Measures
1.4 Personal Safety and Security Awareness
1.5 Building Situational Awareness in Hostile Environments
1.6 Residence and Hotel Security Awareness
1.7 Journey Management
1.8 Vehicle Security and Car Jacking Techniques
1.9 Checkpoint Awareness
1.10 Use of Locally Employed Guides / Drivers

Day 2
2.1 Communication Equipment
2.2 Personal Protective Equipment
2.3 Emergency Equipment, Clothing and Grab Bags
2.4 International Travel
2.5 Working with a Close Protection Team and Use of Armoured Vehicles
2.6 Active Attack and Behaviour Under Fire
2.7 Weapons and Effective Use of Cover
2.8 I.E.D Awareness
2.9 ERW / EOD Awareness
2.10 Mine Awareness
2.11 Minefield Extraction Techniques (Vehicle and Foot)

Day 3

​3.1 Basic Negotiation Skills
3.2 Capture and Captivity
3.3 Off-road Driving Techniques
3.4 Vehicle Self Recovery
3.5 Basic Lifesaving (Bleeding control and CPR)

Day 4 (Optional for an additional fee of USD199)
RQF Level 3 First Aid at Work Qualification (UK Accredited)


Joel Adlington

Military Experience: Soldier, 10 years in British Army - 1 Royal Anglian Regiment
Specialisations: Covert Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Combat Experience: 5 tours, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan
Instructional Experience: Infantry Training Centre, Instructor
Last Rank: Platoon Sergeant
Hostile Environment Experience: 7 years - Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Jordan and Dubai - Project Head.
Philippines - Security Coordinator


The HEFAT course is delivered in a jungle camp located an hour away from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The facility has all modern amenities, accommodation, classrooms and over 11 hectares of jungle training area.

It's usually reserved solely for the use of international Special Forces Units but is open to training solely for Atlas and has the use of a number of special features including:

  • Large Jungle Training Area
  • 4×4 Training Courses
  • Simulation Weapon Training Facilities
  • Pyrotechnics and Simulation Aides
  • Classroom Facilities
  • On-Site Role Players 
20th to 23rd April 2018




3-day HEAT package

4-day HEFAT package

Everything in the HEAT package plus

RQF Level 3 First Aid at Work Qualification
ALL packages include:
Transit from airport to training area
3 meals a day
Course fee
Equipment fee

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