Frequently asked questions

Level 3 Close Protection Operative
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    What is the duration of the course?
    The course lasts for 14 days, from 8.30am to 6pm including weekends.
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    Where will it be conducted?
    Classroom activities will be conducted in our Mont Kiara HQ and practical activities conducted in appropriate public areas where required and private module-specific premises.
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    What are the course modules?
    1. Roles and Responsibilities of a Close Protection Operative 2. Planning, Preparing and Conducting a Close Protection Operation 3. Conflict Management in the Security Industry
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    What are the entry requirements?
    1. Good written and spoken English (test is administered) 2. Free of criminal records over the past 7 years 3. Sound Mental Capacity 4. Able to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint 5. Reasonably fit and able to walk and run moderate distances
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    Who is the course instructors
    Mr Martin Cooper, retired police instructor in Close Protection and Tactical Firearms Officer will be delivering this course. He has previously conducted the Level 3 course in Malaysia in October 2016, with a 90% pass rate. He also conducts frequent courses in the United Kingdom, Belgium and other European countries which range from firearms, defensive tactics and Close Protection.
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    Why should I choose this course over other local cheaper providers?
    This qualification will allow you to work in places such as Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa, earning up to US$300 a day, enabling you to seek other opportunities compared to Malaysia's market.
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    What are the course fees?
    The course fees are MYR 5,499 birds, and MYR4999 (US$1168) for standard fees.
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    What is the value breakdown of the course for each individual?
    Close Protection Course - £1,200 or RM6,500 1. Conflict Management 2. Physical Intervention 3. Close Protection Operations 4. Rental of Vehicles 5. Training Material 6. Course Certification (worth £50) 7. All administrative fees associated with Rental and Operational expenses