Atlas Solutions is a risk management and security training consultancy which specialises in Conflict Management and Physical Intervention training for the security industry.

Our team consists of talent from the Federal Government of Malaysia, local and international security industry experts, and current and ex-serving members of the British armed forces as well as UK Police. Our clients include flagship shopping complexes, international schools and embassies in Malaysia as well as businesses who want to keep their principals and their staff safe.
We provide a comprehensive and rigorous certification process in  Defensive Tactics, Incident Response and Event Safety amongst other qualifications. 

We also maintain a bank of highly skilled and experienced talent from the security services as well as the Police to save you the hassle of interviewing and vetting individuals to join your team.
Our mission statement is to transform the security paradigm in Malaysia to one which is more professional, skilled and most of all, is able to meet the ever-expanding demands of the Malaysian consumer.
So maybe you're a shopping complex holding a deep concern for the safety and security of your property, staff and equipment. Perhaps you're an international school looking for a way to best protect your parents, teachers and students.
Maybe you've already put your staff through a few modules of training but you're unable to see the value of your money.

Let us fill in the blanks for you.

Let us change the way you see risk and security through ways you would have never possibly imagined.

Our Services

  1. Security Training
    Perhaps you've already put your staff through specific training modules through an external body and therefore do not require the fully comprehensive reach of the Security Operations certification. That's not a problem - simply visit our courses page to pick and choose from our range of modules to combine them into one programme.
  2. Risk Assessment
    Are you a shopping mall whose customers frequently complain about issues such as shoplifting, threatening behaviour or pick-pocketing? Perhaps you sit on the board of an international school whose parents and teachers frequently bombard you security issues related to kidnapping, access control, traffic control and personal safety? Let us help you plug your gaps in your areas of concern.
  3. Recruitment Assistance
    Need to hire people who you can trust to secure your firm? Maybe you've already been on the short end of the stick when it came to hiring people with the skill and the integrity. Perhaps you're a firm with international origins - how do you know whether the people you're hiring are trustworthy? Let us do the hard work for you - we maintain a bank of trusted individuals with experience in law enforcement and security.
  4. The Atlas Experience
    Why stop at just a few courses and a risk assessment here and there? Let us really show you how you can do so much more with minimising risk, and also ensuring that you've got a top-notch team who are capable of handling whatever is thrown their way in the form of security incidents as well as day-to-day customer service. Counter-terrorism awareness, physical, cyber and personnel security reform at your fingertips - and we'll be with you above and beyond.