SIA Level 3 Close Protection Course​​
British Uniformed Services Cohort

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia​​

For current and former members of the British uniformed services who are seeking an enriching and realistic learning experience in the Far East.

Spend 2 weeks in Malaysia

Be instructed by an ex-British Army Infantry Sergeant, with real life experience on the circuit

Take part in a real-life final exercise, guarding real VIPs in high-profile events

Experience a city which has been rated the second most-liveable city in Southeast Asia


Atlas is a UK accredited Training Centre which offers the RQF Level 3 Close Protection qualification in Malaysia. We are the only company in the region which is able to offer this course being domiciled in Southeast Asia. 

With a modern training facility located in the affluent suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, we offer a premium Close Protection learning experience to the discerning candidate. 

As a company which actively supports the Uniformed Services, we are opening up spots to British uniformed services personnel in our highly coveted Level 3 Close Protection course being run in and around Kuala Lumpur.

Our previous overseas candidates have come all the way from the UK, Australia and Singapore​, complemented by our local Malaysian candidates.

We have a strong relationship with the Malaysian Armed Forces, and work actively with them to ensure a realistic training experience. 

Sgt John Green 
1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment

"Excellent course, well run and structured with an amazing location.

Couldn’t ask for more and I left feeling fully capable and able to conduct myself as a CPO."​​



Where is this course being conducted?
This course will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia.

- 40% (Theory) of the course is conducted in our Training Centre located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
- 60% (Practical) of the course is conducted in training locations in and around the centre, as well as specially booked areas for vehicle drills.
How long for?
The course lasts over 14 days, culminating in 139 hours of learning, as stipulated by the Security Industry Authority.
What are the costs?
We offer a standalone course price of £2,300, - that's without plane flights and accommodation. 

For £2,500, accommodation are inclusive.

Is there financial assistance?
We offer payment plans on a case-by-case basis. Email us to find out more about which suits you most.
What are the course hours?
0900 hours until 1700 hours on average, but please note that on the days planning up to the final exercise it may well extend into the late evenings.

This is reflective of the industry when dealing with high-profile clients.
Who are you looking for?
Ideally, you will be a currently serving member of the uniformed services (police, firefighter, armed forces or paramedic).
  • Preferably over the age of 25
  • Frontline experience (4 years min)
  • Possession of a laptop
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • IT Literate
  • Ability to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • A good sense of humour

Course Info

A summary of the course content​

What comes after?

Skills & Teamwork in Close Protection – are essential for the CPO and the knowledge and skills required are developed over a minimum 14 days and this is achieved through a combination of lectures, practical exercises and scenarios based on the common duties of a modern day CPO. The training peaks with an intensive final exercise that combines all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the duration.

Legislation, Communication & Conflict Management Skills in CP – the role of a CPO requires individuals to be fully conversant with the law and to understand the relationships between the CP industry and official agencies. Again this is achieved by classroom discussions, videos and practical scenarios

Risk assessment, operational planning and safe route selection – it is important to identify and quantify the risks when working as a CPO and good planning and preparation is an essential part of the role. Exercises and classroom activities incorporate a large part of this module where delegates will actually plan and prepare for an operation leading to the final exercise.

Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents & Dilemmas – this module will introduce you to the concept of surveillance and counter surveillance and is key to protecting clients as most pre-meditated attacks include some form of surveillance. Preventative and proactive measures to detect surveillance are taught and related to real life incidents. There must also be procedures for when things don’t go as planned and the ability to think on your feet will be developed during the course.

Techniques for Close Protection Operatives – most of the physical skills required by a CPO are covered in this final module such as vehicle embus – debus drills and convoy driving through to foot techniques and searching procedures will be practiced to hone these essential skills
We support you after you graduate by linking you up to security companies which are hiring in the region for overseas protection jobs and provide you interview coaching assistance. 

So far, we have placed ALL of our UK Armed Forces graduates in jobs within and outside of the UK.

Should any jobs come up which require ad-hoc work, we will contact you if you are eligible for these positions. 


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