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Enter a new world of VIP protection

Whether you're a company or an individual in Asia who needs protection, Atlas Frontline's UK-accredited close protection officers stand ready to deploy.

More than just a cheap bodyguarding service

We know that close protection is much more than just untrained, cheap, celebrity "bodyguarding".
Our strong belief is that every good operation requires proper advance planning, liaison with local authorities, and most importantly, is backed by the deployment of operatives who are highly trained and experienced in what they do. 
Good close protection officers are seen but not noticed, and usually have done their due diligence on route planning, venue security management, transportation alternatives, security of itinerary and the exhaustive aspects of protection. 
They are reliable and resilient, able to deal with sudden changes as they occur. Prior to any job, we take into serious consideration the client's profile and needs before committing to a protection plan. 

rapid deployment

24 hour-deployment of up to 4 man teams


Ex-military, ex-police and operators who have corporate experience. 

We hire and train only the best.


ALL our officers can speak English, with a majority speaking a second Asian or European language.

uk accredited

We deploy only the best of close protection officers who have been qualified according to the UK system.


Atlas close protection officers were so professional during their time with me. 

I have never felt safer in my entire life.

I have now used their service multiple times and would not hesitate to recommend them for any job big or small. 

Steve Wee, Managing Director, High Flyer Asia

To learn more about Atlas Frontline's Executive Protection services, contact us today.

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