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First-class training solutions to support your corporate needs

Outdoor Business Meeting

Conflict Management

Learn how to better manage and resolve conflict in the workplace no matter what industry you are in. Good people skills are essential in all forms of professions. 

Chris Fit

Decision Making 2.jpg

Tactical Decision-Making

Want to know how the Australian Army trains its leaders in decision making when it counts, and apply this to a corporate setting? Be instructed by an Intelligence Officer in the Australian Army who has spent decades in command positions making the right calls at the right time.

Dan Smith


Risk Assessment

Learn from our risk management experts from the British Army/Police on how to build and apply a tried and tested risk matrix which is used by the UK government and adopted by Multinational Companies all over the world. 

Chris Fit

Defensive Tactics.jpg

Defensive Tactics

Be instructed by one of our Malaysian Army Special Forces trainers in effective and simple techniques which can be employed immediately by your staff members. 

Jasmine Aziz

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