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How did we get here in the first place?



We empower people to seek international careers in protection through providing them the necessary skills and qualifications to obtain such jobs. 



Atlas' vision is to become Asia's go-to centre for high quality and close protection training.

We started off from humble beginnings, with our team working from home, moving onto a virtual office, and then finally a physical office in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, one of the most wealthiest areas in the country.

It was tough, creating a market where none existed in the industry.


But with the support of our sponsors, our friends and most importantly our graduates who have made this journey possible, we stand poised to become Asia's most coveted centre for Close Protection training as well as the provision of Close Protection Officers to interested clients. 

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Clement Chew

Managing Director

Clement has worked in the security industry since 2007, starting off as an event security officer in the United Kingdom working in venues and football stadiums based in Manchester and eventually moving on to door supervision and other work around the country. 

He returned to Malaysia in 2014 and served as a government officer in the Prime Minister’s department dedicated to car theft, public order and police transformation. He also developed and coordinated major police operations to prevent and detect organised crime. 

His last assignment before he left the PM's department was in a team sent to an East African country assisting the President's office in developing a major crime reduction strategy alongside the Police. 

Clement holds a Master's of Arts degree in International Development (University of East Anglia) and a BA (Hons) in Economics and Development Studies (University of Manchester).

He also holds the Highfield International Certificate in Close Protection.

General (R) Norhuda Ahmad

Director - Armed Forces Relations

General (R) Norhuda was the first ever female general in the Malaysian Armed Forces in the General Duties branch.

She held multiple high level appointments in the army culminating in her most prominent post as Head of the Integrated Intellligence Centre's ASEAN Branch - Strategic Directorate within the Defense Intelligence Staff Division. 

General Norhuda is also a member of the Board of Directors and provides strategic guidance through her powerful network within the armed forces. 

General Norhuda's Pledge

First Admiral (R) Datuk Kay

Director - Government Relations

First Admiral (R) Datuk Kay Hai Thuan was Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Forces just prior to his retirement a couple of years back. 

Being the first Admiral of Malaysian-Chinese descent, he climbed the ranks through exemplary behaviour and achievements during his career as a navy officer. 

Datuk Kay is also Chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Veterans Association where he assists in acquiring jobs for the Malaysian-Chinese Armed Forces veterans who have retired.

Datuk Kay assists in Business Strategy as well as strategic partnerships between Atlas and the Malaysian Armed Forces. 

Captain (R) Haris Thalatha

Business Development Manager

Captain Haris retired from the Royal Malay Regiment in the Malaysian Army after a distinguished career of over a decade. 

He held multiple appointments during his time in the army, including infantry platoon commander, Aide-de-Camp to a Major General, Company Support Commander and Senior Instructor for the Section Commanders Course for Small Arms and Support Weapons. 

Haris holds a Management Degree from the Open University and multiple certifications from command courses including the Grade 3 Staff and Tactics course, Heavy Weapon Commander's Course and Infantry Reconnaissance Course. 

He also holds the Level 3 SIA Close Protection qualification. 


Trainer / Operative

M.J. is a Kuala Lumpur based security consultant and qualified Close Protection specialist with years of experience in the hostile environment sector through multiple operation tours with the United States Military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

An honourable discharge at the rank of Sergeant was the culmination of a strong career in which Sgt Perrigo conducted three frontline operational tours having specialised in CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear), Biometrics, Combat Life saving techniques, Leadership and multiple weapon systems, their characteristics and capabilities.

M.J. is well versed in counter insurgency operations and the methods employed by militant groups.

Having left the military M.J. went on to travel solo around the South-East Asia region where his cultural experience and knowledge of solo traveller personal security measures has proven invaluable in the delivery of Hostile Environment Awareness Training for the Asia Pacific region.


He is now retained by Atlas Solutions as a subject matter expert on solo travel, cultural awareness and personal security procedures in a hostile environment, specifically the South-East Asia region.

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