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Counter-Terrorism Management

Detection, Prevention and Reaction

Military intelligence meets corporate risk

Have you ever wondered how Western intelligence units deter and prevent the incidences of terrorism?

It's not just about looking good and placing security guards at entry points of malls and hotels. 

Delivered by an Intelligence Officer in the Australian Army, our counter-terrorism management course is targeted toward management staff who have the responsibility of leading operations teams in a large complex. You will learn counter-terrorism awareness and how to form, and lead a team of response officers.

You will practice what you've learned through role-playing and real-world simulations progressively building towards becoming managers who are polite, yet firm in dealings with any relevant individuals you come across.

Areas of Focus

  1. Identifying and dealing with first contact scenarios

  2. Building and managing a response team

  3. Managing site evacuations

  4. Delivering after action briefings

  5. Simulated attack

Download our course specification below

Your Instructor

Dan Smith

Daniel has served in the Australian Army.


Over 10 years spent within the Infantry attaining the rank of Sergeant.


As a Senior NCO whose responsibilities included training, instructing and mentoring soldiers. 

In addition Daniel, specialized in Combat Intelligence Operations which provides a significant depth of knowledge and experience in understanding threats. 
He is a versatile and experienced security and risk management professional. Through a broad range of knowledge, skills and experiences Daniel has been able to work with, lead and manage highly skilled teams to deliver and perform. 
Having instructed a number of courses in both the corporate and military world, Daniel’s forte is merging military discipline into corporate structure through the delivery of robust and  relevant training to the corporate sector and being able to value add through real world experience both from military and private sector.



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