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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

A 3-day bespoke experience


Learn to keep safe in volatile environments

Are you an individual who spends time working in areas of conflict or regions where the rule of law isn't as strong as it is in a civilised society?

Perhaps you're a company which sends your staff to work in such environments. 

Aid workers, journalists, volunteers, logistics personnel; are you fully prepared for what awaits you in these regions of the world?

Our 3-day Hostile Environment Awareness Training programme provides you with the skills that you need to survive such these conditions. 

Module Listing

Module 1 - Deployment in Hostile Environments

  1. Threat awareness, associated risk and personal security

  2. Risk management process

  3. Mobile/Vehicular security

  4. Management of threats associated with gatherings, protests, civil disturbances and riots

  5. Hostage Taking and Survival

  6. Weapons, mines, IEDs and UXOs

  7. Protection of sensitive and classified information

Module 2 - Situational Training

  1. Minefields, IEDs and UXOs

  2. Hostage survival practise and demonstration

  3. Team under attack (chokepoint, ambush)


Module 3 - Basic life support in the field (practise and demonstration)

  1. Medical treatment/primary treatment

  2. CPR

  3. Bleeding

  4. Road traffic accidents

Module 4 - Orientation, Communications and 4 wheeled vehicle

  1. Map reading and navigation

  2. Means of communication and procedures (practise and demonstration)

  3. Characteristics and capabilities of 4x4 vehicles

  4. Four-wheeled vehicle driving introduction

Module 5 (optional) - Field Training Exercise

  1. Convoys - navigation through hostile environments

  2. Simulated ambush exercise with real-life role players

Derived from the ENTRi Initiative, and adapted to Southeast Asia. Click here for more info.

The Atlas Hostile Environment Awareness Course more than equipped me with the relevant skills and abilities to operate in volatile environments, which is where I find myself working most often.

Dennis Weinert, Photojournalist

Weinert Brothers

Dennis Weinert - Testimonial
Atlas Solutions

Dennis Weinert - Testimonial


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