Strategic Risk Consulting

Dynamic solutions to short- and long-term risks

A boots on the ground approach is key

Full Implementation

We know that every business has its risks coupled with a limited budget. 

That's OK. Our services are adaptible from one-off,  short-term solutions to an ongoing problem all the way up to dedicated staff to address your risks. 

As your business grows, so will your needs. 

As your needs become more complex, we adapt to provide you a dynamic solution which goes hand-in-hand with your budgetary requirements. 

From something as simple as country risk-assessments for your travel, to employment screening and bespoke training, our officers possess the right skills and mindset to achieve your needs. 

All of this backed by a strong intelligence framework throughout the ASEAN region. 

Our key consulting services


Travel Advisory



Our Strategic Partners

We are partnered up with Key Risk Consulting Asia, a leading provider of comprehensive business risk solutions based in Asia.

The team at Key Risk consist of former Hong Kong Police officers as well as industry experts who have a combined 80 years of investigatory and risk management experience between them. 

All work undertaken by Key Risk Consulting is conducted in an ethical manner and in full compliance with local and international laws.

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