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Enhanced Due Diligence

Protecting you from supplier, employee and partner-related risk


According to a report published by the US  Department of Labour, bad hires cost approximately 30% of company turnover in terms of productivity, absenteeism and other factors resulting from unquantifiable toxic behaviour in the workplace. 


Similarly, global supply chains can leave organizations vulnerable to a range of potential financial and reputational risks.


Organisations therefore need to fully understand the implications of engaging any new supplier, employee, business associate or other third party and not only identify potential risk at the onboarding stage, but also monitor for change on an ongoing basis.

Atlas Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports provide detailed background checks on individuals and entities, and enable organisations to take appropriate action to protect themselves from devastating consequences as a result of incomplete due diligence.


SOcial media

Comprehensive analysis of social media accounts


Discreet personal and professional inquiries into personal and business reputation


Analysis on shareholding of companies, personal and business financial as well as outstanding debts. 


Inquiries on any civil and criminal litigation processes on subject, both as defendant and plaintiff. 



A rudimentary understanding of your employees or vendors

  • Screening for major derogatory information on the open web and print media

  • Searches on compliance databases and media for any breaches

Basic Plus.jpg

Basic +

A local understanding of your employees and vendors

  • Everything in the Basic package plus searches in local language in print and electronic format



A more discreet look at your vendors and potential partners

  • Searches for directorships in other companies

  • Civil and criminal litigation procedures

  • Bankruptcy and other red-flag alerts

  • Major derogatory information held by legislative bodies



Developed, on-the-ground intelligence on your most critical and risky relationships

  • Developed intelligence on your most critical and risk relationships

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