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3 Things You Need to Know About Close Protection Jobs in Southeast Asia

Ever since we announced the formation of Atlas Frontline, our direct operations branch of the company, we've been inundated with unsolicited requests for jobs.

Absolutely fine, but when we asked the applicants our standard vetting questions, we found the following:-

40% did not know anything about the company or its leadership

50% did not speak or write any semblance of English

80% thought that simply having experience in the military/police would make them eligible for Executive Protection work which paid highly.

70% did not have any form of accredited qualifications.

100% of people we rejected felt it was unfair that we demanded the International/SIA CP qualification for high-paying deployments.

"You're operating in Asia!" they said.

"Why not give us Asians a chance?"

And when I said that we are a premium CP provider, who follow international standards - and as such as able to charge a premium rate to our clients, they did not understand that it is not a question of ethnicity, but always an enduring issue of standards.

We have deployed our Asian graduates to jobs in and around the region to MNCs who pay top dollar for our services.

The ability to say that "We are the first and foremost provider of SIA/Internationally Accredited CP Officers" gives us the power to charge premium rates.

Anyway, without any more fluff, here are the three things you need to know about the protection industry in Southeast Asia.

1. Close Protection jobs are split into two types - short term daily and medium term contracts

We've serviced clients who need CP officers for only a couple of days whilst they're in Cambodia/Philippines/Malaysia/Indonesia/Papua New Guinea. Our ability to rapidly deploy within the region by contracting our graduates is something which is highly coveted by clients.

Needless to say, the day rate for these jobs is significantly higher compared to a long-running contract which involves a monthly salary. Most of these jobs are unarmed deployments based on statistics.

Now, we move onto the medium term contracts.

These are contracts that range from 4 to 6 months in duration, with a monthly salary being paid to our protection officers.

These jobs usually demand citizenship or a work permit in the specified country as these operatives are considered salaried employees.

Of course, the daily rate is lower, but operatives rest easy in the knowledge that they will have a job for the duration of the contract, and possible renewal.


It's not just about waltzing into any old client and asking for a contract.

Potential clients are going to ask for company financials, board of director information, and a brief profile of CP officers/drivers.

They'll also be trawling over social media accounts of CP officers, company owners and company employees.

So, if you want to work in this industry, purge your Facebook/Instagram account of anything which is remotely seen as political or inappropriate.


Before every operative signs a contract with us whether for a short-term CP contract in the Philippines or a long-term contract in Thailand, we ensure that their socmed accounts are sterilised, and hand them a declaration listing down the fact that if they post material which can be negatively construed by any parties, they are subject to disciplinary procedures and termination for repeated offenses.

Yes, we get it. The industry is cutthroat.

You've made enemies in the industry. People have made you their enemies.

But if all you post are accusations about other people or companies on Facebook/Insta/LinkedIn, potential clients are going to turn their noses up at you.

But if you're a rival company, by all means please do post negative things about us on social media.

It really helps us with our marketing as our clients do ask about you.


Want to know how to secure a job in Southeast Asia?

Speak English.

AND the local language of the country you want to work in.

The amount of times I've had people speaking either one or the other language sending their resumes in wanting jobs overseas.

Seriously, you want to work in Hong Kong but do not speak Cantonese? Or... you want to work for our MNC client in Kuala Lumpur, but do not speak English?

If you are bilingual, especially in English (IELTS 7.0 above) and Mandarin, I want to talk to you. Like right now.

Email me at

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