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Interested in working for us? 2 things you need to know.

I know that I’ve kept it under wraps for a number of months now, but late last year Atlas was approached by its first client based in the Indochina district for the direct provision of close protection officers.

We were very pleased to offer the job to a number of graduates from our 2018 courses, and they were very happy to take them up.

I’ve always felt that just running CP courses, although fulfilling and mentally stimulating, was an insufficient business model.

A lot of our graduates have asked us what the next step is after gaining the SIA qualification.

Well, today I am pleased to announce our entry into the direct provision of Close Protection services in and around the ASEAN region, under the umbrella of Atlas Frontline.

Atlas Frontline branding will be used for all protection contracts

This brand will be used specifically for the manpower side of things when it comes to deploying our CP officers.

Needless to say, we will prioritise Atlas Graduates when it comes to these deployments.

For Firearms requirements in Malaysia, I'll be working with my childhood friend Tunku Aznal Shahabudin and his company Warisan Wira to meet the licensing requirements.

Tunku Aznal is a strong partner in our development of protection services.

The news has come a little late because I wanted to ensure that we had the right framework set up with the right partners before we took any steps forward.

Discretion, as you hopefully are aware and have learned in our CP courses, is of the utmost importance in this industry.

A few weeks ago, we signed a tri-partite agreement with two companies based in the region to further expand our business interests both North and South of Malaysia in the realm of protective services and training.

We look towards dominating the Private Security Market in Southeast Asia

As a result of this, I am pleased to also announce that over the coming months if things work out, that we will be posting job opportunities on our Members Only forum, The Atlas Safehouse, for roles in the ASEAN region.

To join as a member of the Atlas Safehouse, click here.

I can’t promise a rosy bed of flowers, but please know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of you who placed your trust in us.

We won’t let you down.


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