The benefits of having UK Government Accreditation under your sleeve

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

"SIA", "CP", "RQF", "Ofqual"...

So many acronyms. All of them being thrown around in conversations with players in the protection industry.

Yet, no one seems to offer any explanation as to what these acronyms mean, and how they work.

The Security Industry Authority regulates all security work in the United Kingdom

The Security Industry Authority, or SIA.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA), is a quasi-government related body which regulates all security activity in the United Kingdom, which includes Close Protection (Bodyguarding), Security Guarding, Door Supervision, CCTV monitoring, Private Investigation and Keyholding.

In order to work within the security industry in the United Kingdom, individuals must possess an SIA License in their related field.

However, if this license is only required to seek jobs in the United Kingdom, this begs the below question:

Why do so many people come and do our "SIA Close Protection" course in Malaysia?

One very distinct reason.


There isn't a globally recognised standard of Close Protection/Bodyguarding anywhere in the world at this current point in time.

Sure, different countries recognise different qualifications, and most certainly within the United States, each state has different regulations on what can and cannot be done as a close protection operative.

Now, if you're a British-based company who hold contracts around the world, and are innately familiar with UK standards of Close Protection, ask yourself one question - what qualification would you demand from anyone wanting to find work within your company?

And what qualification would you, as an aspiring Close Protection operative looking to work in these companies need to get?

Simply Googling "Close Protection jobs Iraq / Afghanistan / *insert country here*" will yield multiple jobs in the industry.

And a great number of these jobs request one qualification amongst other first aid qualifications.

"An SIA recognised Close Protection Qualification".

Great! Normally you would need to travel to the United Kingdom to attend this course. That's accompanied by plane fights as well as a per diem spending which may break your budget.

On average, the cost to travel to the UK from Southeast Asia to pay for the course, stay there for the entire 16 days not counting the food is USD5,400.

Now, if only there was a way to attend this course at a more affordable rate, in the comfort of Southeast Asia...

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